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Rio Grand Valley Square Dancing

(Mission, McAllen, Pharr, Alamo, Donna, Weslaco)
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Randy Dougherty
3058 E. Des Moines St.
Mesa, Az 85213

602-617-1841 mobile




Encouraged by active dancing parents at age nine, Randy has enjoyed the wonderful world of square dancing for almost 40 years. A football injury (broken leg) at age 15 created a boring six-month lay-up. During this time, he was inspired to give calling a try. He first occupied his time practicing singing calls. Feeling good about the fun he was helping dancers to have, he attended the 1967 Central Iowa Callers Clinic in Des Moines, Iowa. In the next six years, Randy called square dances in Minnesota and surrounding states while he finished high school and college. In 1972, Randy took on a teaching position at Fridley Grace High School. During his summer breaks, he found himself traveling farther and farther from home. In 1979, he left his teaching position to devote full time to his professional calling career.

Throughout his career, Randy has recorded hits for many record companies and is currently on the very popular Royal Records label. Some of his more recent recordings consist of: Wings of a Dove, Sally Was a Good Ol' Girl, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, This Train, It's Who You Know, Irresistible You, Angels Among Us, That's The Kind Of Woman I Like, and My Daddy Was an Old-Time Preacher Man.

To date he has attended, and called for, over 30 National Conventions. Over the years, Randy has put his teaching skills to work inspiring thousands of newer dancers, and has also contributed time and energy in working with several beginning callers. He is an accredited Callerlab Caller Coach.

Randy has been an avid supporter of Callerlab since it's inception. In the late 70's he became a dues-paying member and was able to attend his first convention is 1981. Since that time, he has served three terms on the Board of Governors of Callerlab, served on the Executive Committee for two years, and many instructional panels. Randy has been honored with a Special Recognition Award from Chairman Mike Seastrom for his assistance in taping all the session at the 1993 National Convention in order to establish the frequency count in use today.

Pharr South, 1402 S. Cage, Pharr       Map    


Wiley's PictureS

Wiley Hutchinson
Casa De Vale (CDV)
Victoria Palms (VP)



Wiley Hutchinson was born and raised near Lovilia, Iowa.  His singing career began in school, when his music teacher chose him for voice lessons.  Wiley sang solos for school functions and for church.

In 1960, Wiley began teaching and calling square dancing around Iowa and other Midwestern states.  In 1983, Wiley with help from his wife, Ruth became Winter Texans, teaching and calling square dances in the Rio Grande Valley.  Twenty three years later, Wiley and Ruth are still teaching and calling dances in the Rio Grande Valley as well as Iowa and several Midwestern states.

In 2005, Wiley was honored by the City of Hildago, Texas as the Outstanding Entertainer for 2005 and placed a brick at the Dodge Arena in his honor.  He was recognized after approximately 17 years of being instrumental in helping organize square dance activities during Border Fest.

Wiley and Ruth have scheduled dances for several Midwest States for 2006, lessons and dances in the Rio Grande Valley for 2007.

Wiley and Ruth have celebrated their 51st. Anniversary; have two children, six grandchildren and one great grand daughter.




Darryl Lipscomb
C (956) 458-6179



Darryl began squre dancing at the age of twelve, and made calling his full time profession in 1978.  Darryl spends five months a year in Mission, Texas where he conducts a winter program for all the Winter Texans who choose to spend their winters in the “Texas Tropics” of the Texas Rio Grande Valley.  Darryl calls a full range of programs, beginners thru C-3.  Darryl is also one of the staff callers of the Worlds Largest Beginner’s Class, and the South Texas Square Dance Jamboree in McAllen, both sponsored annually by the McAllen Chamber of Commerce.  Darryl, having recorded for several different record labels, is currently a staff caller for Global Music Productions.  When dancing to Darryl, you are assured of smooth flowing, innovative and exciting choreography.  Darryl enjoys calling all levels of square dancing equally; however, he admits working with beginners is especially exciting!



Joe Saltel

1401 S. Cage Blvd,
Unit 126 Pharr, TX 78577


Joe has been actively calling and teaching Basic through A-2 since 1971, and recently began calling C-1.  He has been a featured caller for many festivals, conventions, and special dances in over 38 states (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, England and Japan.  Joe is a member of Callerlab and is BMI/ASCAP licensed.  As a recording artist, his voice can be heard on the Alliance, Chinook, DJ & Hi-Hat labels, as well as many CD's and cassettes.  Joe is also a member of SAG, and he choreographed and appeared in a made-for-TV movie, "Blue Skies".

Joe and his wife Chris married in 1982 & they have led eight successful tours/cruises.  Chris held a managerial position for 19 years, and has always supported Joe's calling career.  Their 21-year-old daughter, Tanya, is an accomplished young vocalist,  has trained for dental assistance, works & attends college in WA.  They all recently moved from their home of 19 years on the Northern California coast.

Joe and Chris spend November - April  running a full square dance program in Pharr, TX.  The remaining months they will maintain a smaller program, tour and travel domestically & internationally to call at festivals & special dances.  Joe enjoys what he calls his vocation and avocation, and feels fortunate to be part of this great activity.

TROPIC STAR RV RESORT, 1401 S. CAGE BLVD, Pharr       www.rvresorts.com/resort22.htm  Map 
Tip-O-Texas, 101 E. Sioux Rd, Pharr     www.rvresorts.com/resort18.htm    Map 
TEXAS TRAILS, 501 W. Owassa, Pharr  www.rvresorts.com/resort16.htm  Map


Jerry Story
(956) 358-8277


Jerry began his calling career in 1970 at the age of fifteen.  His travels have taken him to such places as Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Germany, Czech Rep.,England, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Australia and the Caribbean.  For the past seventeen years, Jerry has resided in Mission, Texas with his wife of 23 years and two sons.  Jerry and Kristine run a winter square dance program at ElValle Del Sol R.V. Park.  Most every weekend you will find him doing festivals somewhere in the world.  Jerry is tremendously dedicated for the preservation of the art of Squre Dance calling and the Square Dance activity.

El Valle Del Sol, 2500 E. Business 83, Mission        Map
Website:  www.follettresorts.com/Communities/el_valle_del_sol.htm