This web site has been in service since January 2000.  I have received a lot of gratification keeping it up and have learned a lot about web publishing. I hope you find it helpful.  I thought some of you out there may want to help in some small way to assist with the expenses to maintain the site.  To give you all some idea of what would be meaningful is something like $5.00 to update an existing flyer (say for next year) and $10.00 to $20.00 for a completely new one depending on the complexity. Anything, even $1.00 would help.  I still plan to put up the flyers as I receive them for free as long as I am able so don't worry about losing this service. Let me know, honestly, what you think of this donation thing.  This is one way of measuring the effectiveness of the site. Pay Pal is an easy way to send in your donation and can be accessed by pushing the button provided.